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Our team includes gifted coaches, facilitators, Occupational Psychologists and NLP Practitioners and we have qualified and experienced practitioners in a wide range of psychometric models including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, 16PF5, FIRO Human Elements, the Occupational Personality Questionnaire and the Life Styles Inventory. We are committed to the principles of Continuous Professional Development and Lifelong Learning and collectively and individually we are always seeking to develop our skills and knowledge.

As a team we share learning from all sources with each other, to enable us to apply learning as quickly as possible and make new thinking accessible to clients. We encourage members of our team to become experts in their own area of interest and develop their skills and knowledge to a very high level.

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Mike Cockburn

(Mike established Sogno in 2004 and is the Managing Director of the company as well as being actively involved in all aspects of project design and delivery)
Post Grad Diploma in Coaching for Organisational Excellence, British Psychological Soc. Level B, Member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council, NLP Practitioner.

My approach to leadership coaching and personal development is focused on enabling you to define, liberate and realise your dreams.
My objective is to be an empowering catalyst enabling you to make positive changes in your life and business to create a happy, healthy, fulfilling future for yourself and a positive, creative, productive culture in your organisation.
I see coaching as an action orientated, future focused activity that will allow you to take control of your life and career, exercising proactive choices that take you where you want to be.
In a nutshell coaching can achieve breakthrough – moving you to the point where you start to 'be' a different person, where you leave old, ineffective behaviours behind and where a bright new future begins to open up that will enable you to be the best person you can be.

Mike Cockburn
Mike Cockburn

Alison Freer

Associate Member of the Association for Coaching (AC), Member Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), British Psychological Society Intermediate Level B qualified psychometric assessor, BA Hons Business Studies.

I enjoy helping people to work out how they can be at their best and true to themselves, in all areas of their lives.
My objective is to coach people to be fully expressed people and highly resourceful so they can take an effective lead in many situations.
Coaching is a great opportunity to step back, take-stock and re-think things we may have previously assumed were set in stone. When I'm being coached and when I coach others, there's always scope for new perspectives that give us a way through both the exciting and difficult stuff.
Coaching, for me, is about reducing the impact of 'noise' and the stuff that gets in the way of a clear and creative path forward. Most of all it's about authenticity in the decisions we make about our actions and the impact for us and others.

Alison Freer
Alison Freer

Karen Bradley

Masters Degree in Coaching for Organisational Excellence, Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel & Development (MCIPD), British Psychological Society Level B, Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

I have experience of coaching individuals who work within large, complex organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as design, delivery and evaluation of management and leadership development programmes as a learning and development consultant.
I see coaching as a positive and proactive process for individuals and teams, where you can identify a preferred future, consider options and take steps towards this. In my experience coaching provides individuals with new insights, and also builds capacity for the future, encouraging self-belief and confidence.
I have experience of coaching in a range of situations, where individuals:

  • work through a transition in life/career
  • focus on a specific area or behaviour in order to become more successful and effective
  • experience coaching as part of a leadership development programme, or other qualification

  • My approach as a coach will be to support you honestly and openly, to enable you to identify and value your strengths, and also raise self-awareness so you become aware of barriers you may be placing in your own way.
    This may all sound very serious - and I am indeed serious about you having a positive coaching experience, but you should also expect to enjoy coaching and it would be rare if we did not find time to laugh and smile too.
    My strength as a coach is to provide the support each individual needs to clearly see their own potential, believe in themselves and choose the actions that will create the future they desire.
    Karen Bradley

    Sue Burn

    Currently undertaking the Coaching for High Performance Programme (recognised by the Association for Coaching), British Psychological Society Levels A and B qualifications, Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching.

    I am committed to providing an excellent level of customer care by using a friendly, approachable, calm, pragmatic and proactive approach. I seek to create innovative, experiential learning partnerships with clients and participants that encourage participants to increase their understanding of themselves and others. This involves working hard to generate a climate of trust and collaboration that facilitates a genuine dialogue with clients around options and ideas for continuous performance improvement.
    My approach is based on a unique blend of consultancy skills, excellent project management and highly supportive team work. I enjoy the challenge of taking complex consultancy, assessment and development projects and working them into smooth running programmes involving clients, consultants and other partners. By using a very thorough approach to everything I do I aim to ensure that commissioning clients and individual candidates and participants are treated with respect, honesty and the utmost integrity.
    Sue Burn

    Pauline Wonders

    MA in Coaching for Organisational Excellence, Associate of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

    Having gone through a good deal of personal transformation over the years, with the help of coaches and mentors, I am passionate about the power of coaching and the opportunity for supportive reflection that it affords.
    My approach to coaching is one of transformation and realisation of potential. Being an accountant I have a practical approach to development that aims to develop leadership capability to achieve personal and organisational success, although unlike the picture that many may paint of accountants I have a soft and emotionally intelligent side to me that balances out the pragmatic aspects of my nature.
    I have experience in working at a senior level in both the public and private sector and am therefore fully aware of both the opportunities and challenges of working within organisations and am able to empathise and support in these areas. This makes me both credible and realistic in my coaching approach and I aim to support and help others take responsibility for their development, using a range of tools and techniques, the most important of which is listening.
    I believe that everyone can achieve their dreams through developing self-awareness, courage, emotional intelligence and positivity and I see coaching as an accessible means of achieving even the smallest of goals on the journey to self-fulfilment.
    Pauline Wonders

    Steve Dennis

    CMI Diploma in Management (Chartered Manager, Member of CMI), CIPD Certificate in Training Practice (Associate member of CIPD), Accredited (Greenbelt) in Lean Sigma Tools & Techniques, Qualified (NCFE) Coach, MBTI and SDI Accredited, NLP Trained and Accelerated Change Management Trained.

    My approach to Leadership Coaching, Team Development and Business Improvement is to ensure people are fully engaged and receptive to learning by designing fun and interactive interventions.
    My objective is to deliver a quality product and professional service that provides measurable and sustainable results to both individuals and organisations alike. The key to any successful organisation is its people. I see the role of managers and leaders as one of inspiring and engaging their teams to realise their full potential, unlock hidden talent, maximise performance and build effective, high performing teams. Only by involving managers and teams can an organisation successfully implement and sustain change and business improvements.
    I value my clients and believe in forming open, healthy working relationships based on mutual trust and a commitment to succeed.
    Steve Dennis

    Dawn Parkin

    FCIPD, MSc HRM, Post Grad Cert in Coaching, Cert Ed., BPS Level A and B, Diploma in NLP. Qualified to use Myers Briggs Type Indicator, 16PF, TLQ.

    I am a highly committed HR/OD professional, with the ability to influence and engage with key stakeholders and partners and work with people at all levels. I have over 20 years experience of working in a public sector environment, 10 years operating at a senior management level with responsibility for organisational transformation, leadership development, employee engagement, culture, behaviours and values.
    I am an energetic problem-solver, who uses strategic thinking and creativity with the pragmatism, tenacity and capacity to assist others to a successful outcome. As a facilitator/trainer, I believe in creating an environment in which delegates can be honest, build trust and increase their understanding through sharing experiences and taking responsibility for their own development. I am an experienced facilitator and have regularly facilitated leadership and team events for more than 100 delegates. I have designed and delivered interventions that have impacted on staff satisfaction results and employee engagement.
    I am an experienced coach whose values include treating all people with respect, having a strong sense of personal integrity and believing in the potential of each individual.

    Dawn Parkin
    Dawn Parkin

    Marie Burns

    For 15 years Marie has worked with individuals and organisations to promote greater wellbeing and achievement. Her personal style is unique and distinctive based on her training as a Practising Chartered Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Psychotherapist. She employs the highest level of professional integrity and is a member of the British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council where confidentiality is paramount.
    Marie works with clients from all walks of life, who often report feeling stuck, 'over-thinking' or experiencing pressure. These feelings can lead to fear and anxiety, blocks, loss of motivation and even health issues. Marie helps clients to gain focus, feel energised and achieve what is important to them.

    Marie Burns

    Janette Johnson

    Performance Development Coach and Trainer, Associate Member of Association for Coaching, Member of Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis
    Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Humanistic Counselling, Diploma in Psychotherapy, Certified Transactional Analyst, Certificate in Supervision

    Limiting beliefs, assumptions, attitudes and behaviours prevent all of us from being as productive or as effective as we could be at work and in our personal lives. We often settle for being efficient.
    My coaching focuses on maximising performance by enabling individuals and teams to overcome barriers or interferences that prevent them from reaching their true potential.
    By giving clients the space and time to think, identify and focus on the challenges or opportunities they may face, I enable them to set goals and work out highly pragmatic action plans that are right for them. I leave clients with tools and techniques to problem solve in the future, making them more resourceful and building confidence in their own capability.
    My style is highly supportive as well as highly challenging. My approach is down to earth and empathic – building good rapport which forms the foundations of a successful working partnership. I really enjoy my coaching and get great pleasure from seeing people grow and develop and in many cases, resolve something that they had perceived as impossible to resolve. Coaching works which is why I love it.

    Marie Burns

    Chris Philips

    I aim to offer constructive challenge, to innovate, to inspire people to be the best they can be and to improve services for organisations and their customers.
    I have a track record of achieving results in a wide range of executive roles; often succeeding where others have failed. I have turned around many failing services with a proven ability to identify problems and provide innovative solutions. I have been successful in delivering improvement to process, customer service, staff performance and productivity and am experienced in corporate strategic management.
    I have led on corporate improvement and culture change and have experience in a wide range of local government service areas especially where customer service is a feature. My experience has been dominated with managing change, squeezing high performance from tight budgets, getting the best from people and in delivering excellent customer service.
    I have boundless energy and resourcefulness; am determined and resilient and seek to motivate others to be energised by their work and the results they may achieve.
    As a leadership and performance coach, I’m interested in helping people get the most from themselves and in supporting their growth as leaders. I coach managers to prepare for and secure promotion, accept new challenges and responsibilities, resolve conflicts and to perform at their best.
    To change, you need to think differently; I aim to help clients change their thinking and achieve their potential be that as an individual or organisation.

    Marie Burns
    Chris Philips

    ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

    Mahatma Gandhi
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